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The Floor Plan Review and Consultations Service focuses solely on the accuracy of floor plan design. Prior to the appointment, I thoroughly examine the given floor plans and then provide feedback based on the evaluation. I also provide specific solutions, if need be critique during the scheduled appointment. The goal of the service is to omit any problematic areas on the floor plans prior to them becoming an issue on the construction site.

To assist in providing you the best outcome for your new remodel, project – I will identify problems and challenges as the project is still on paper to prevent further costs, potential rebuilds and regrets.

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Floor Plans

Our Designs are driven by vibrant colour schemes and patterns that perfectly compliment the structure.

Perfecting your dream home is highly important, and it is a huge financial investment. Obtaining consultation from a skilled interior-designer can be the defining factor to having amazing results for your home. Allow me to utilize my unique skills in interior architecture as well as spatial design to assist you into seeing potential challenges and offer solutions to establish the home of your dreams.

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The first step at Home 4 India always start with meeting the client and understanding by taking into consideration all the needs and concerns to gather the information for concept creation


Depending upon the initial discussion, we proceed towards space planning and management to an agreed flow to your space followed by conceptualization


Here we transform conceptualized dream into reality by ensuring a flawless and timely execution of your homes construction and turnover.
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Our Designs are driven by vibrant colour schemes and patterns that perfectly compliment the structure.

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With an experience of transforming more than residential and commercial interiors, our design experts creatively add a vibrant touch of elegance and functionality to your space, making it aesthetically appealing

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