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We all desire to make a dream home of our own, where we can live happily with our loved ones. While property agents take care of your desired location and facilities around the home, they pay little or no attention to the vastu for house. This can be grievous mistake, as the Vastu for home is a crucial aspect that determine the quality of life for its occupants. Let’s understand how.

We always receive energies from the cosmic world. It comprises of both good and bad energies. Good vastu for home can ensure that you channel positive vibrations and remove the negative ones.

Similarly, underlying bad vastu for house can bring unhappiness in terms of poor health, domestic conflict, financial struggles and career related failures etc.

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Our Designs are driven by vibrant colour schemes and patterns that perfectly compliment the structure.

Main Entrance

The Main entrance should not face either intersections of roads, or an approaching dead end road. Nor should it be obstructed by tall structures like trees or lamp posts. If it has steps leading to the house, then build an even number of steps.


Dining Room

West is the direction of Saturn, representative of the masses and therefore also of their feeding mouths and hunger. Vastu shastra directs that the eating room should be located in the Western side of the house.



Agni, the vedic god of fire, resides in South-East. Vastu therefore recommends that the kitchen should be loacated in the South-Eastern corner.



A Vastu house has odd number of rooms. Count all rooms which have a door.



The ideal direction to place the altar is North-Eastern direction.



Plan a balcony in North or East. A balcony in South is not recommended.


Bath Room

Ideally the bathroom should be located in East. If that is not possible, then the next best direction is North.



Design to have an even number of beams in a room. But do not sleep under the beams as it is likely to cause health complications.



Plan the Master bedroom in South or South-Western corner of the house. A room in North-Western corner should be given to the newly-weds in the family. In either case avoid sleeping with feet facing South because it drains away the body energy.


Cash and Valuables

Place them in a cupboard on the Northern side, preferably in a room which is in Northern side.



Vastu warns that a house should not have a total number of 3, 6 or 11 windows.



Plan the house to have even number of doors



Even numbers of pillars promote harmony in the house.



A staircase is considered to be ‘heavy’. Its preferred direction is South or West. Do not have a staircase in North-Eastern part of the house.



Avoid the construction of a toilet in the North-eastern part of the house. It would spell disaster. Plan to have it between South and South-Western side of the house.



West, South Tall trees are fine in S and W, but should be avoided in N and E.

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Our Designs are driven by vibrant colour schemes and patterns that perfectly compliment the structure.

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